The Wait is Over. "Cimmerian" is Finally Here!

 Cover Art by Canva. Cover Design by KR Wilde.

Cover Art by Canva. Cover Design by KR Wilde.

Hey everyone!

It's finally here! My heavily revised stories and their rather vulnerable backstories are yours to read and enjoy in Cimmerian: A Flash Fiction Collection. I know I'm late in announcing it's release, but my family and I have been enjoying the recently nice weather here in Utah. All the same, I'm back and ready to share this exciting news with you. (Which seems to be in abundance right now!)

The eBook is listed as free, as all of my early works will be, and can be found on:





Each of these sites offer ways to leave reviews (and here too). I'd love to see what you think about Cimmerian! The review wouldn't even need to be long or eloquent. Short and sweet gets the point across on what you liked and even didn't like! Plus, if you do take the time to leave a review, you have the option to be anonymous if you wish. It'd help me a ton if you decide to do this.

Once again, thank you so very much to you all for the support and love! You're all a wonderful blessing to me.

Xo, Kimberly

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