About the Magazine

She’d been like a statue in her own right. A secretly terrifying, but fragile being immune to the calculated movements my people make on a daily basis. It was as if a twitch, no, a single display of emotion would lay waste to our world like the shakes had in the Far East.
— Excerpt from 'Heart's Rift', an unfinished work by KR Wilde

Our Mission

We publish and promote literary and genre fiction in the following categories from new, emerging and established writers within the North American region: flash fiction, screenplays and short stories. We also accept artwork and photography that is original and has been previously published as well.

Issues are published bi-annually in the summer and winter unless otherwise stated.


About Vault Review

Vault Review is an independent, non-profit literary magazine that demands the very best from its writers and artists in both language and presentation. Its founder, Kimberly Wilde, contends a story is more beautifully sound and impacting when its creator withholds foul language and sexual content. She also believes withholding such elements provide a unique challenge for writer and artist alike.

This does not mean happy endings and fairy tales for children have place here. Instead, Vault Review requires the opposite. Tragedies full of anger, sorrow and revenge in a world where adults are hard-pressed to contain their emotions, but instead disregard this rule reign supreme. This means all accepted works are honest and brave in their chosen topic when uncovering the darker side of life, or as we like to refer to it as "the other side of life's coin".

Bring us your worst nightmares and heart-wrenching tales of what could've been. We want writing and art that reminds us how unforgiving life can be when selfish acts ignore the good and pure.