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"She’d been like a statue in her own right. A secretly terrifying, but fragile being immune to the calculated movements my people make on a daily basis. It was as if a twitch, no, a single display of emotion would lay waste to our world like the shakes had in the Far East."

Excerpt from Heart's Rift, an unpublished work by KR Wilde


Our Mission

We publish and promote literary and genre fiction in the following categories from new, emerging and established writers: flash fiction, screenplays and short stories. We also accept artwork and photography.

Issues are published bi-annually in the summer and winter.


About Vault Review

Vault Review is an independent online literary magazine that demands its writers and artists be brave and honest in their work. This means truly exploring the "other side of life's coin" where happy endings aren't commonplace, and tragedies reign supreme. For everyone in this world has been through much in order to obtain their personal happinesses, and Vault Review is all about revealing those struggles so many are too afraid to share.

It's too often many view tragic stories as horrific and mere additions to the growing disparity known throughout the world. However, these same individuals forget that literature and art - in its many forms - have the power to shed truth, and provide lessons that can be learned from. 

Vault Review is here to remind them of these things, and invite writers and artists to do the same for it's their duty to be brave and honest within their craft.