A New Horror Has Arrived With A Southern Twist

The release of KR Wilde's second eBook, a southern goth horror titled Covet Hollow was released on Smashwords today as a free eBook.

Book Description | Unleash a new horror found deep within the bayou that has every woman without a man in this new short story.

There's one place where only women roam the streets as their men hide away in basements, and that place is called Covet Hollow. Caroline Hyde would prefer to believe its the perfect place to raise a family, but once her husband disappears things change. Now she must brave the bayou, and face the horror hiding in the deepest parts of Covet Hollow.

A note from KR Wilde --

Now it might be kind of weird to some of you that I've self-published a short story of only 19 pages or so. The reason for this is I can't submit it to any literary magazines due to it having been published on my website before. Even if it was for school, magazines tend to frown on previously published work. They want fresh stuff! And I can't say I blame them. Therefore, I've gone the self-publishing route yet again in order to share my work with you.

I hope you enjoy Covet Hollow. It's a milder horror with no foul language to worry about. However, there is some gore near the end, but it's mild too. Certainly nothing to give you nightmares!

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