Three New Stories, One Book - Now Available!


Cimmerian: A Flash Fiction Collection, KR Wilde's first eBook, has been officially released on Smashwords today. It has been made available for free.

Book Description | Anger, grudges, and selfish acts are what make this collection of stories a dark one, because of one truth: We have been these things, and therefore, may find ourselves justifying each story's outcome. 

Combined with commentary by KR Wilde, Twenty-six BlowsSalamander Man, and Water Hazard take on new meanings as readers discover what inspired their creations. Some of it may surprise or frustrate, but all the same it's not enough to read a story, but to know its reason for being.

A note from KR Wilde --

It's finally here! My heavily revised stories and their rather vulnerable backstories are yours to read and enjoy in Cimmerian: A Flash Fiction Collection. I know I'm late in announcing it's release, but my family and I have been enjoying the recently nice weather here in Utah.

All the same, I'm back and ready to share this exciting news with you. (Which seems to be in abundance right now!) Thank you so very much to you all for the support and love! You're all a wonderful blessing to me.

Kimberly Wilde