Submission Guidelines

Please read our guidelines carefully before submitting

Additional Information

  • Reading Period: Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
  • Reporting Time: 1-2 weeks
  • Reading Fee: No
  • Simultaneous Submissions: No
  • Multiple Submissions: Yes
  • Payment: An interview to be featured in Headlines.

How to Submit Your Work

All submissions are to be sent to, and addressed to Kimberly Wilde.

Please include:

  • [Submission: 'Type of Work'] in subject line
  • Cover Letter with a brief bio*, your given name, email address and link to your website/gallery if you have one (we'd love to point others your way).
  • Chosen works as email attachments

Your Rights

Upon acceptance Vault Review takes one-time, electronic, non-exclusive rights to your work, as well as the right to archive it. We also obtain one-time audio rights for our podcast - pertains to writers only.

Please note, we reserve the right to use your work as an enticement to readers when its corresponding issue is available for reading.

If there's any reason your work needs light editing, we'll contact you before changes are finalized. We want you to be happy with how your work is published!

Acceptable Cover Letter Template

Dear 'name of editor(s)', 

Please consider my 'type of work' 'title' (genre, word count/pages*). I hope it's a great fit for the magazine, and look forward to your response. Here's my bio as requested: 

'insert a brief bio here' 

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration! 



*For artwork and photography, please simply state how many pieces you're including in your submission.

Categories & Genres Accepted

*North American writers and artists are welcome to submit, and we accept works in English only.*

We accept original flash fiction, screenplays, short stories, artwork and photography. Previously published work is also welcome, but please mention where it was first published in your cover letter.

All genres are accepted minus erotica, romance and LGBTQ+. For those who have a problem with this, find a different magazine to submit your work. Vault Review has a very specific vision, and its editor will not have her time wasted with complaints regarding this nature. 

Foul language and sexual content (a kiss doesn't count) will also not be accepted. If these are found in a submitted work, the said work will be immediately declined.

And lastly, every story must end in a tragedy. Happy endings have no place here. It's highly encouraged to read our about page for further understanding, and to also visit the bookshelf for examples of work accepted in Vault Review.

Flash Fiction

500-1,200 words

Up to three works can be submitted at once.


Up to 15 pages

Up to two works can be submitted at once.

Short Stories

2,000-4,000 words

Up to two works can be submitted at once.

Artwork & Photography

2-8 pieces of work

A mixture of both artwork and photography are welcome in the same submission so long as they reflect the magazine's vision.

  • All artwork and photography submitted will be considered for cover art. The artist will be notified if their work is chosen.

Formatting Requirements


  • doc, docx
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
  • Double-spaced
  • Name, title and page number in top right hand corner (including first page)
  • Save file named 'Last Name_First Name_Prose'


  • pdf
  • Include title page with name and email address in bottom left hand corner
  • Save file named 'Last Name_First Name_Screenplay'

Artwork & Photography:

  • JPEG
  • Save file named 'Last Name_First Name_Photo's Title_Art'
  • If an image happens to be too large when attaching in the email, please compress it into a .zip file.
  • DO NOT place multiple pictures in the same file together to better distinguish which title fits which picture.