Intro to Service for Self-Pub Writers

Hey everyone!

Since I'm in school right now and working to make a stronger portfolio upon graduation, I've decided to use my editing abilities for good. I now have a page dedicated to a short list of services geared mainly towards writers wishing to self-publish. Of course, the Beta-Read option is a cheap service for all writers wanting some honest feedback on their work.

There's also a service for Cover Design. For those interested, you can take a look at all of my covers for my individual stories. I created each of them, and have provided a few as examples down below:

I will accept all genres except for Romance, Erotica, and Non-fiction. However, I have a particular interest in thrillers and science fiction, and will give first pick to those. Also, please bear in mind no matter the genre,  I won't accept anything with sexual content (e.g. sex scenes) in it. As for the type of work, I will take on any short story collections, novels, and eBooks. But please no children's books! If your story meets my requirements, you can take a chance and query it at

I hope to hear from some of you soon!

XO, KR Wilde

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Kimberly Wilde