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 Photo © Alexandria Adell Wilson 2018

Photo © Alexandria Adell Wilson 2018

Kimberly Rene'e was born on August 19, 1993 at the old Bannock Hospital in Pocatello, Idaho - which has since been torn down - and grew up in the city for a time before moving to Federal Way, Washington in 1998.

For the next eight years, Kimberly enjoyed many trips to the Seattle Aquarium, and sampling salt water taffy with her three younger siblings: John III, Alexandria and William. Kimberly even developed a strong love for the local sports teams - Seahawks and Mariners - thanks to her parents.

Her dad, John, is a respected U.S. Navy veteran and her mom, Suanne, has been a dedicated preschool teacher for over a decade. They are both powerful influences in Kimberly's life, considering she developed an appreciation for art, books and a deep religious faith from them. Don't forget the "no nonsense" attitude too.

Once 2004 rolled around, she and her family moved back to Pocatello where she attended Ellis Elementary followed by Hawthorne Middle school in 2005-2006. Those were the years Kimberly's nose was always stuck in a book, and grades lacking. 

Her love for literature continued well into high school, as did the poor grades. She was often met with comments like "I swear you always have a different book with you" and "Harry Potter, again?" It was all rather funny until it all got serious very fast. During her sophomore year, Kimberly's parents bought her first laptop, a trustee old IBM model, which soon became home to her first attempts at story writing.

None of it was very good, but being highly determined, Kimberly continued working at this new craft. It wasn't uncommon to see her typing away during free time in Honors English, or while the family was watching the newest NCIS episode. This was also around the same time Kimberly promised her dad she'd never include foul language and sexual content in her written works -- simply because she wanted to make him proud. 

Over the next two years, Kimberly took a short break from writing as school life became busier and dating more prevalent. Her interests also changed focus towards drawing and becoming a Registered Nurse versus an author. At the time, it seemed more practical of a career what with the economic decline.

In June 2011, Kimberly graduated from Highland High school along with receiving her Certified Nurse Assistant certification, and coincidentally met her future husband, Nathan, during a game of Fugitive two days later. They married shortly thereafter in the Logan, Utah Temple in November.

Kimberly and Nathan continued living in Pocatello where they both attended Idaho State University briefly, both pursuing careers in the medical field. However, Kimberly never made it past the first semester once she realized writing was her one true passion.

She submitted her first novel, titled Class B: Transitions, for publication with Tate Publishing shortly thereafter. Everything appeared to be very promising, but that was until Kimberly found out she was actually self-publishing her novel through a vanity company.

It was a hefty blow. She immediately stopped all contact with Tate Publishing, Class B: Transitions was never published and dreams of becoming an author were nearly smothered out. Depression also ensued and finances became rocky.

During all of this, Kimberly and her family -- then consisting of herself, Nathan and their first son, Brett (2012) -- had moved to Ogden, Utah in November 2013, allowing Nathan to attend Weber State University. For the next four and a half years, they lived in an apartment while trying to make ends meet. Kimberly worked part-time at McDonald's and Nathan the graveyard shift at CSM Bakery.

In October 2015, they welcomed in their second son, Jake. Nathan quit school to work full-time, and Kimberly pursued college once more -- this time for a creative writing degree. She attended Full Sail University's accelerated online program, developed a strong love for writing dark fiction, and eventually graduated with high honors in March 2018. Besides her family, this achievement has become a prominent milestone in Kimberly's life, considering she'd always been an average student throughout her childhood.

Now Kimberly is a proud homeowner alongside her husband, has three wonderful sons (Tate, 2017), and has a renewed love for gardening. She is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of literary magazine Vault Review, and is currently working on her first novel titled ALICE.

A few of her written works include A Different Kind of Story and Perverse Minds, a featured piece in literary and film journal RumbleFish Press.


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