KR Wilde

A Different Kind of Story

Tired of the eyebrow raising and skeptical looks, KR Wilde delivers a fiery response in defense of her writing style in this personal essay. 

by KR Wilde


Heart's Rift | Fantasy

Heart's Rift explores the power of emotions in this fantastical tale as love and war collide, leaving behind a scar too vast to ever forget.

ALICE | Psychological Thriller

ALICE is about a young girl's tragic journey from a disturbed home to the life of a serial killer in Seattle, Washington, spanning the course of seven years.


SHIFT | Science Fiction

SHIFT is the beginning of a time traveling tragedy that is planned to span across three books. It'll paint a disturbing picture on what life could be like if unlimited welfare replaced all work ethic, and also highlight the terrifying consequences that would follow when government could no longer fund such a lifestyle.


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